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East Hill offers a patient portal. You can request refills and appointment, or send a note to your doctor. Learn how by watching this short video. 

Have you had your annual health exam? 

If you haven't seen your provider lately, it's time for a checkup . Call us at 315-253-8477 today to schedule an appointment.
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Patient Portal a Great Resource for Refills  

East Hill's patient portal lets you request medication refills, appointments and leave messages for your provider from your computer or mobile device. Ask the receptionist for your activation code at your next visit. 
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Receive care in many languages

East Hill Medical Center can connect you or a loved one with a translator if needed. We have access to translation services in over 240 languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, Farsi and American Sign Language. 


Primary medical care based on who you are and what you need.
We accept a wide-range of insurances, and we are accepting new patients.



Pediatric care for children from birth to 21. Our doctors are accepting new patients. 



Our dental office accepts self-payers and those with insurance.



Once regulations allow for this to continue, our staff will provide oral care and hygiene to children at school.

We updated our phone system as of July 2021. Here are the prompts to reach our offices: 

Requesting Prescription Refills  (315) 253-8477, prompt 1

Adult Medicine  (315) 253-8477, prompt 2

Summit Pediatrics  (315) 253-8477, prompt 3

Dental Office  (315) 253-8477, prompt 4

Duckett Family Medicine  (315) 253-8477, prompt 5 or               (315) 612-3177

Billing/Finance (315) 253-8477, prompt 6

Referral Specialists  (315) 253-8477, prompt 7

Administration  (315) 253-8477, prompt 8