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Dr. Adam Duckett East Hill Medical Center Duckett Family Medicine
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East Hill Medical Center provides COVID-19 vaccines and boosters to adults and children as young as 6 months.  COVID-19 vaccines continue to protect against severe disease, hospitalization, and death from known circulating variants. Contact us today to schedule your appointment. 

Mindful Eating Group to Start in January

Weekly support group regarding mindful eating. Anyone 18 and older is welcome to attend, 6 pm Wednesdays, 144 Genesee St. Auburn, fourth floor.
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Living With Anxiety

Weekly support group focused on teaching skills to cope with stress and anxiety. Anyone 18 and older is welcome to attend, 5 pm Wednesdays, 144 Genesee St. Auburn, fourth floor. Starts April 5th.
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Have you had your annual health exam? 

If you haven't seen your provider lately, it's time for a checkup . Call us at 315-253-8477 today to schedule an appointment.
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Primary medical care based on who you are and what you need.
We accept a wide-range of insurances, and we are accepting new patients.


Pediatric care for children from birth to 21. Our doctors are accepting new patients. 


Duckett Family Medicine serves individuals 16 and older. This office offers primary care, with a focus on chronic conditions.


We offer behavioral health services within our primary care offices. We offer both medication therapy and talk therapy services.


Our dental office accepts self-payers and those with insurance.

 Here are the prompts to reach our offices: 

Requesting Prescription Refills  (315) 253-8477, prompt 1

Adult Medicine  (315) 253-8477, prompt 2

Summit Pediatrics  (315) 253-8477, prompt 3

Dental Office  (315) 253-8477, prompt 4

Duckett Family Medicine  (315) 253-8477, prompt 5 or (315) 612-3177

Billing/Finance (315) 253-8477, prompt 6

Referral Specialists  (315) 253-8477, prompt 7

Administration  (315) 253-8477, prompt 8

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