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There is Protection for Covid-19 

Get a COVID-19 vaccine with your routine medical visit

East Hill patients can get the Moderna vaccine at their trusted doctor's office. Make an appointment today.


Not an East Hill patient? We are welcoming new patients. Click here for our provider list.

We accept a variety of insurance plans, have evening hours, offer a nurse call-in line after hours, and have payment plans to make sure financial factors don't keep you from getting the care you deserve.

Children, teens, and adults may get a COVID-19 vaccine and other vaccines, including a flu vaccine, at the same time.

East Hill Medical Center is teaming up with Booker T. Washington Community Center (BTW) to run a Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic from 9 am to 12 pm Saturday, March 25 at BTW, 23 Chapman Ave, Auburn. Medical staff will provide the Moderna vaccination to adults and children as young as 6 months, offering participants either the initial series or boosters. Sign up for your 10-minute time slot online or call 315-612-3450. This clinic is free, and insurance will be billed if that information is provided. Please bring insurance information if available. 

Covid-19 is here to stay. Vaccination is our safest most effective way to avoid serious illness.

We all have questions as we decide what's best for our families. Get the information you need to protect yourself, your family and your community.


Tip Sheets and Resources                                                               

Centers for Disease Control 

New York State Department of Health

Cayuga County Health Dept.

Unity Care &

Embrace Race

Black Doctor

Children's Fact Sheet

Moderna Fact Sheet for Children younger than 5

Moderna Fact Sheet for Children 6-11

Moderna Fact Sheet for Children 12 and older

Who can get a vaccine?

Vaccines are available for children six months through seniors. Some people may have specific recommendations due to being immunocompromised or other health concerns. Speak to your healthcare provider, and read recommendations here for special groups

I was one of the 81% of Americans who got at least one dose. How do I know if I need a booster? 


Boosters are an important part of protecting yourself or your child from getting seriously ill or dying from COVID-19. People ages 6 months and older should receive one updated (bivalent) booster, if eligible, including those who are moderately or severely immunocompromised. Click here to find out when to get a booster.

Are there any risks to getting a vaccine?

There is a remote chance of an allergic reaction. A severe allergic reaction likely occurs within a few minutes to an hour after getting a dose, which is why we ask patients to stay at least 15 minutes after getting one in our offices.

Otherwise, side effects that have been reported are: tenderness at the injection site, swelling of lymph nodes in the same arm as the injection. There have been reports of general side effects such as fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, chills, nausea and vomiting, fever, rash, irritability/crying, sleepiness, and loss of appetite.

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Location & Hours

East Hill Medical Center

144 Genesee St.

Auburn, NY 13021


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Monday - Thursday 8 am - 8 pm

Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm

Appointments required.

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