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East Hill celebrates 50 years of impact in the Cayuga County area

      East Hill Medical Center celebrates its 50 years of impact this year. To celebrate, we're posting trivia each Tuesday about our organization, our community and news events or pop culture from the past on our FaceBook page. There are also links to videos that delve into different points of our history over the past five decades.  
     Stop by to see what's new throughout the year.
What's that? 

Have you walked by East Hill Medical Center lately and wondered what was in the window? Use this guide to answer your questions about the vintage medical equipment in our windows. 

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East Hill Origins

Learn about Cayuga County Family Planning, and how it evolved into East Hill Medical Center.

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Primary Care

Now mostly known for its primary care offices, East Hill used to be best known for its reproductive services.

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Pediatric Practice

Our pediatric practice opened in the 1990s after a community need was identified. 

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Dental Office Opens Up

Catch a glimpse of the renovated Dental Offices. (Video Not Yet Available)

East Hill Medical Center Timeline


Steering Committee Forms 

A group of concerned citizens form a committee after seeing community families face economic, physical and emotional hardships due to lack of local resources that would assist them in spacing out their children's births more deliberately. This group pushed for the creation of the family planning center.

August 1970

Family Planning Office Opens

Cayuga County Family Planning office officially opens on James Street in Auburn.


February 1971

Becomes Established

East Hill Medical Center, then known as Cayuga County Family Planning, received its articles of incorporation. Becoming a formal organization was a foundation step in its journey of creating 50 years of impact for the region.


May 1975

Gains Tax Exempt Status

Cayuga County Family Planning, Inc. officially receives its tax-exempt status. This recognition from the federal Internal Revenue Service means the organization is recognized as a charity and can receive grant funding and donations.


January 1988

Fulton St. Building

CCFP buys a former school gymnasium on North Fulton Street from St. Mary’s Catholic Church. During construction of the current building, pieces of that original structure were used, such as window blocks and keystones. The building served as headquarters for the organization for a decade, as well as the clinical space. It now houses Summit Pediatrics and Duckett Family Medicine.


January 1994

Expands to Primary Care

East Hill expands its medical services to include an internal medicine office. It began by treating minor illnesses for existing patients in late 1992 as it built up to a primary care office open to the public in early 1994. East Hill spent that gap year building the infrastructure for a general medical office and recruiting clinical staff to offer primary care to the community.


October 1994

Gets New Name

East Hill Family Medical, Inc. is born in 1994, renamed from the Cayuga County Family Planning Center to demonstrate its expanded mission of offering primary care to both adults and children. Year later, the family is dropped and the organization becomes East Hill Medical Center to reflect its multiple practices.


December 1994

Pediatrics Office Opens

Funding to expand into primary care services is used to create a pediatric practice in the North Fulton Street building. This move is seen as an extension from serving women for reproductive health to offering care for the whole family.


March 1995

Dental Office Opens Up

Seeing a growing need for dental services among its patients, East Hill identifies funding to create a dental office that serves adults and children. Having run out of room in the North Fulton Street building, the dental practice originally was a standalone office in a rented space downtown before moving to the Metcalf building.


September 1996

East Hill Moves Downtown

East Hill Medical buys the Metcalf Plaza, its current building on Genesee Street, from the Metcalf Plaza Associations, which owned the building since 1968. East Hill moved its administration team to the new building in 1997, and later moved its primary care and dental offices, allow the pediatric practice to expand in the Fulton Street building.


October 2003

Chair-ity Fundraiser

East Hill uses a play-on-words to create an innovative fundraisers. Artists designed and painted chairs, which were sold in auction as a fundraiser. Over a few years, this fundraiser benefited the dental office, and was directly responsible for outfitting our dental office with 8 exam rooms.


March 2010

Going Digital

An electronic medical record system is introduced. Record keeping transitions from paper to digital in a major step that allows for better care, quality tracking and improved billing capabilities.

March 2012


East Hill officially becomes a Federally Qualified Health Center, which allows a local cost savings for services and the requirement that .

April 2014

Amazing Race

East Hill hosts an annual fundraiser called the Amazing Race that set challenges throughout the community. This fundraiser is based on a television show, and takes place within two miles of the Genesee Street building.


September 2016


Administration shifts to current CEO & President Keith Cuttler, with 27 years of healthcare experience. One result of this shift is setting the standard of creating the Exceptional Patient Experience.


August 2018

Expansion of Care

East Hill expands to incorporate behavioral health services and addiction medicine into primary care, and later adds a psychiatric nurse practitioner to the staff.

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